Property for Rent

  • Eden Cosmetic Clinic plaza, Plaza no 11, St. 26-A, Lavender Road, Sec H, DHA2
    • Rent Details¬†
    1. Basement: Rs.55000/month
    2. Ground Floor: Rs. 100,000/month
    3. 1st Floor: Rs. 65,000/month
    4. 3rd Floor: Rs. 45,000/month
    5. 4th Floor: Rs. 40,000/month
  • Al Razzaq, Plot no.59, Garnet Road (CBA), Sec H, DHA 2 Islamabad

Property for Sale

  • Flat 1st floor, street 2, Askari 4, Rwp, in excellent condition, additional wood work done. Well maintained. Demand: Rs. 163 lacs.
  • 400 sq yds house available for sale, Street 1, Park lane road Chaklala Scheme 3. Demand:¬†4 crores
  • A kanal 6 beds house available for sale, Street 13 Chaklala Scheme 3. Demand:¬†4 crores
  • H27, street 4, Lane 6, DHA 2 Islamabad (corner)( Southfacing)
    Demand: Rs. 315 lacs
  • 23 marla 4 bed House on sale, Abek road Westridge 1 Rawalpindi, Demand: 5.5 crores.
  • Flat 1st floor, Askari 7 Adyala Road Rwp, in excellent condition, Well maintained. Demand: Rs. 175 lacs.

Property for Urgent Sale

  • Zaraj Housing Scheme Opposite DHA 2 Islamabad GT road, Rania Mall, Ground floor, Apt G12, 912 sqft, fully Furnished. Demand: Rs. 75 Lacs
  • Murree Land 

    Details: 5 Kanal 1 Marla commercial cum residential land available in Murree on Express highway, short of Marriott hotel (last stage of completion), and Gloria Jeans complex, land has 300+ front and 130+ feet depth. Good for all ventures mentioned before. Complete papers, registry and Intiqal TMA approved available. Land available for sale. Demand: Rs. 80 lacs per Kanal.  

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